Al_LuthyAlfred Luthy was born May 29, 1925, in Bern, Switzerland. He started working in the printing field in 1942 where he was apprenticed as a printer in Switzerland. He moved to the United States in 1952, his first place of employment in the U.S. was in Chicago. He worked there a very short time, then contacted a Swiss friend at McKenzie & Harris in San Francisco. This friend told him of an open position in Portland at Meredith Typefounders. Al applied there and was hired. He was made foreman a short time later. He later applied at Abbott, Kerns & Bell Co. where he was hired in 1953. Al moved to Paul O. Giesey Adcrafters in Portland in 1954, where he worked in a series of printing and type casting positions until 1990. Al’s favorite machine was the Monotype keyboard, and he preferred to steer clear of the Monotype Giant Caster. He retired from Giesey at age 65.